The cultural association TEMA was founded in November 2019 by notary Umberto Russo. The seven founding members who also chair the association are Thomas Amonn, Matteo Bonvicini, Franz Ferdinand Huyn, Helena Lageder, Wittfrieda Mitterer, Caterina Pelizzari, Christa Romen. Caterina Pelizzari was elected president. The association consists of another ten members. The aim of the association is to stage world premieres in South Tyrol that combine and network contemporary dance with contemporary music, visual arts, drama, text and the new media. The focus is on the highest quality, and artists of the highest calibre are engaged from both home and abroad. The target audience consists of people interested in culture and art, young people with an open ear for contemporary issues, but also people of all ages who are curious about current topics that are interpreted innovatively and critically scrutinised. Music lovers, dance enthusiasts, people interested in theatre, all those who have an eye for tradition and are open to new things are the target audience of TEMA.